Liturgical Ministries

Eucharistic Gift Bearers

This involves participation in Mass by carrying to the priest the gifts of the bread and wine that will be transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. 

Contact: Marlene Hastreiter (260) 440-1252

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Christ is most especially present in the Holy Eucharist. Training is required and provided.         

Contact: Kim Martinez (260) 424-1485


Ushers welcome, direct and help those attending Sunday Masses and special liturgies. They also collect the offering of stewardship of treasure, assure order during the congregation’s’ reception of the Holy Eucharist, and provide assistance whenever required during Masses.

Contact: Dennis Jackson (260) 489-9477


God is not only present in the Holy Eucharist, but also present in His Word. The sacred ministry of Lector is a key role in the Mass, since the Lector is proclaiming the Word of God to the congregation. A Lector should be respected within the community, of good reputation, and one who can effectively proclaim the Word of God to the congregation. Training is required and provided.                                                       

Contact: Marlene Hastreiter (260) 440-1252


Mass Servers

This ministry promotes “serving” during the Mass. A young person wishing to serve at the altar must be in the fifth grade or older. There is no upper age limit for servers;  some of our servers are mature adults who serve for weekday Masses, weekends, funerals and other special occasions.

Contact: Frank Guzik (260) 445-5952  


These volunteers will take responsibility to arrive 15 -20 minutes before a specifically assigned Mass each week to prepare the hosts, wine and other articles needed for Mass.    

Contact: Marlene Hastreiter (260) 440-1252

Sacristy Service

Volunteers launder and press the altar linens used each week in the Masses. (Done at home on your own schedule)             

Contact:  Fr. Jacob Runyon

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